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Who We Are

Most of us at GagaGuide are parents as well, so we too are faced with the daily question of,“what are we going to do today?”
GagaGuide was created to help answer that inevitable question by giving you (parents and otherwise) ideas on Places to go, Classes to take and Events to see in and around Los Angeles.

But that’s not why GagaGuide is so unique...

Why We Are Different...


GagaGuide personalizes your search! We don’t just give you long random lists to scroll through, but rather pinpoint places based on unique factors that are important to you when deciding what to do. Factors such as your baby’s age, the cost of a class, hours they are open, and even by your toddler’s personality type. Is she a Social Butterfly? Or is he a Curious Explorer?


Another unique aspect to our site is that we can quickly pull up Places, Classes or Events that are closest to you at any given moment. Just enter your current location – or the location you will be – by Zip, Neighborhood or Address and we will recommend the nearest places that best match your needs.

But don’t just take our word for it...

Reviews & Ratings:

We believe it’s important for parents to have recommendations from other parents. That’s why we created the option for parents to rate and review their favorite (or not so favorite) Places they’ve visited, Classes they’ve taken and Events they’ve seen. Share your thoughts and tips on things such as the best day to visit a certain museum, when to register for swim class, and what not to miss at a special event.


Stay tuned for the launch of our social site where you can schedule playdates, invite your friends to Places, Classes or Events, manage your own personal Calendars and much more.

The “US”: Who is behind you ask?

Our lean (but incredibly talented) team consists of a handful of moms and dads, a nana and a papa, a slew of creative super-heroes, an early childhood development expert, and a social media maven.

Want to get in touch with one of us? Interested in joining the team? Send us an email at We would love to hear from you!

*Special thanks goes to Mindset3, Jimmy Holcomb and Karl Knepley.