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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GagaGuide:
GagaGuide is an online search site that helps parents (or anyone with kids for that matter) find Places, Classes and Events for babies and toddlers in and around Los Angeles. It’s also a place where parents can share and recommend their favorite – or not so favorite - Places, Classes and Events based on their own personal experiences.
Do I have to Register to use GagaGuide:
Not at all. We don’t require any personal information (or money) from you in order to use the site.
Who was GagaGuide created for?
Anyone and everyone who is looking for something to do with their babies and/or toddlers in Los Angeles. Moms, Dads, Nanas, Pappas, Nannies, Babysitters, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, (you get the idea)...
How do I use GagaGuide?

There are several ways to search for Places, Classes and Events quickly and easily:

  • • Location-Based: enter the location you are now (or will be) under the “Where Are You Now” search box, and we will give you a list of Places, Classes or Events closest to you.

  • Specific Search: if you have more of a specific item in mind, click on either Place, Class or Event located on the menu bar and choose the relevant drop-down category you would like. For instance, if you are looking for a swim class, click on “Class,” “Sports and Active” and then “Swimming.” If you are looking for a particular place like a museum, click on “Place,” “Indoor,” “Museums, Science Centers and Galleries.”

  • Personalized Search: for a more personalized search, use the “Narrow Down Options” boxes located on the left side of the page. Click on the criteria (age, hour, cost, etc.) that are most helpful to you in narrowing down your search. We will then generate a list of specific Places, Classes or Events that match your personal needs based on the options you selected. This search option can be in addition to or in place of your specific search (see one step above).

How were the categories selected?
We started with three general categories – “Places,” “Classes” and “Events”. Under those categories are sub-categories that get even more specific. We then grouped the items under the sub-categories that made the most common sense together. And yes, one item can appear in multiple categories if the fit is right!
How are the items sorted under each category?
This was a bit of a challenge, but also part of the fun. Our challenge was to give you a wide array of options without overwhelming you with a multitude of choices. We feel the groupings we have listed under each sub-category best represent what parents would be searching for under Places, Classes and Events. Have another idea on how to group the categories? Send us an email at We love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how we can help make your search easier and faster.

Search Functions

Can I change my Current Location?
Yes, of course! Any time.
How is the list order of Places, Classes and Events determined?
By you! You have the option to choose how you want the list of items to appear. Either by: Alphabetical, Distance (closest to you), Cost (least expensive to most expensive or vice-versa) or by their Rating. But until you tell us otherwise (we can’t read your minds just yet), we will list the items by Alphabetical order.
How are the “Narrow-Down Search Options” Chosen?
We started with the options we felt would be most important to you when searching for something to do with babies and toddlers. We also encourage and welcome your ideas and suggestions on how to make GagaGuide more efficient and effective for our users. Have another option you’d like to see? Email us! We’ll add it if it helps make your search that much simpler and faster.

User Reviews

What can I review on GagaGuide?
Any Place, Class or Event listed on the site! We love hearing about new Places to visit or new Classes to take, so please feel free to email us about any other Place, Class or Event that you feel should be included on GagaGuide. (Click here for more info on our Content Guidelines.)
What if I had a bad experience?
We realize that not all of your experiences will be good ones. And yes, we still would like to hear about them if you think it will be helpful to other users. But please don�t write a negative review just to vent (or be mean). And don�t forget to watch the language. We�ve got little ones listening.
Can business owners comment about my reviews?
Yes, but only if they write a review themselves. A review of your review so to speak. However we don’t want this to dissuade our users to not comment. GagaGuide is only its most effective if our users post their comments and experiences in order to help other users when deciding on certain Places, Classes and Events to go see or do. That being said, we monitor the posts and comments on a daily basis, so if we see something that’s sketchy or suspect, we will remove it (said with our best stern voice).
Do reviews ever get removed?
Sometimes. As we mentioned in a few questions above, we monitor the posts and comments on a daily basis, so if we see something that�s sketchy or suspect, we will remove it.

Business Listing Information

How do we find and gather information on the Places, Classes and Events for GagaGuide?
By good old-fashion research. We are continually looking online, perusing magazines, newspapers, advertisements, newsletters, by word of mouth, etc. – even just driving down the street. In addition, we check out firsthand some of the Places, Classes and Events. Our goal is to do this for every item on the site. But until then, we must also rely on you, our users, for your knowledge and experiences - including telling us when our info needs to be updated or its just plain wrong (although we really hate it when we’re wrong). This is a key part to what makes GagaGuide so unique. We strongly encourage you to comment, suggest and recommend.
How are the attributes and amenities chosen for GagaGuide?
Hey, we’re parents too so we understand how important time, cost and location are when trying to decide what to do or go see with your babies and toddlers. We simply chose things we would want available ourselves. There are also the other additional factors that may help to sway you one way or the other. “Comforts” like a clean changing room, food and drinks on hand, or places for parents to sit.
How are the attributes and amenities chosen for GagaGuide?
Easy! Email us at Please tell us a little about your Place, Class or Event and anything you think would be relevant to our users.


Can I Advertise on GagaGuide?
Yes (!), email us at If your product, company or service is a fit for our users, we would be happy to discuss the best placement options for your ad.
How do I Sponsor a Day Trip on GagaGuide?
Email us at and we can discuss how the various sponsorships work.


Do I have to provide GagaGuide my email address to use the site?
Not at all. This is simply an option for those users who would like to be updated on new additions to the site, changes we have incorporated or other relevant information.
Can I change or delete my email address?
Yes, at any time. Email us at and we will take care of that for you. Please give us a few days however for the change to take effect.
Will GagaGuide sell my email address to Third Parties?
That’s a capital N, capital O – N.O. Absolutely not!


What does GagaGuide do with my personal information?
Your privacy, and your kids’ privacy most of all, is incredibly important to us. We take it extremely serious due to the nature of our site. Please review our Privacy Policy information here. Email us any time at gagaguide@gmail.comif you have any questions, concerns or suggestions on how we can better improve the site for you.